Each lesson is about you and what you would like to learn to make.

I teach each person individually and only take a maximum of 5 students per class so no one gets left behind.

You can bring your own sewing machine or you can use one of mine.

If you have existing sewing skills the lessons can be adjusted to suit your level of experience.

For the beginner, the aim is to keep things simple.

Below is a basic outline of the first 6 lessons for most beginners.

Lesson 1 to 6

A basic introduction to your sewing machine and how to use it.

Understanding grain lines and the bias of the fabric and the difference between woven and stretch fabrics.

Learn to make a pattern and sew a skirt … followed by a fitted top, then I will show you how to alter the top pattern and turn it into a princess line dress.  If you don’t want to make for yourself then you can choose your own sewing projects depending on your ability I will give you some suggestions and show you how to make it. Some students want to start by making kids clothes or use bought patterns and if that’s what you would like to learn I can get you going with that.

What you will learn in the first 6 lessons is how to understand basic pattern concepts, learn to sew in a zipper, sew darts, finish necklines, hems, facings and how to layout patterns for cutting…or if you are leaning to make kids clothes then the beginner’s lesson usually also include learning to do gathering, buttonholes, and appliques.

All the patterns you make are yours to keep and there is nothing stopping you from making more of the same at home.

For the first lesson be sure to bring some fabric with you. It’s best to start with a cotton print fabric or cotton blend. No stretch or knitted fabrics, no satin, silk or chiffon. If you already have sewing experience and feel confident using a sewing machine and you are working on making your own designs you may use fabrics of your choice.  Please bring your own pins with you.

All other tools you will need are provided including paper for pattern making, sewing machine, scissors, and sewing thread.

On completion of the first 6 lessons more advanced classes are available and will be specifically designed for your individual needs, requests, and abilities.