My name is Sajeela Jamie.

I have been sewing as long as I can remember.

I first started hand sewing clothes for my dolls even before I went to school. Family and friends would rave about the beautiful dresses I had made for my dolls. Later in my teenage years I decided to take pattern making and sewing classes at Stanley School for Dressmaking in Perth, Western Australia.  This was followed by a job working part time in a boutique where I made alterations for clients as well as sewing for friends and family. In 1982 I visited Cairns, it was meant to be a short visit on my way overseas but I loved it here and ended up staying until 1984. I made the decision there and then that when I come back to Australia it would be to Cairns.

In 1985 while visiting Bali, Indonesia I started producing my own designs. Before I knew it I had 300 people working to produce my ongoing orders. My garments were exported mainly to  England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA . Some of my garments were seen in Fashion Magazines and TV commercials and shown in trade shows around the world.  Most of my orders came from other fashion houses and companies that would have me put their own company labels on my designs. At the time having my own name to my designs didn’t seem important as long as I was being creative, making beautiful clothes and making enough income to afford my exotic life style, which included travelling and visiting friends and clients from all over the world . Now, years later I realize the disadvantage here is that many people have never heard of me even though some of my designs were sold in top end boutiques and high end stores. I also ended up with several shops overseas and one in Australia. While I love colour in my designs I started my very first shop in 1987 with the entire shop collection being in all black.

The picture below was taken in my shop at Broadbeach in 1994… that’s me with the dark hair, the blond lady was my shop Manageress.

Mode Shop Broadbeach 1994
Mode Shop Broadbeach 1994

Below is a snap shot of Tina who was one of my photo models and me on the left.


Tina and Sajeela
Tina and Sajeela 1992


Well…as you can imagine there was much money to be made and much money to be lost. All of it taught me a lot but eventually the stress of big production made me decide it’s time for something else. To cut a long story short I moved to the USA and trained to become a self development trainer. For the next 9 years I travelled and taught self development. I met my husband in LA 1998 and we moved to Bali for another 5 years. There we managed a holisic resort. In 2004 we decided to move to Cairns.

Here are a few of my designs through the years.

In 2008 I became inspired to design again and to teach what I know.

If you are interested in sewing, pattern making and designing, either for yourself , a hobby or to start your own business then most likely there is lots you could learn from me and I’m happy to share my knowledge. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Sajeela Jamie
Phone: (07) 4032 1264
Mobile: 0431 156 469
Email: sajeela@wildsugarfashiondesign.com

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